My work.



Hey guys, let’s talk about what I’ve previously made during those almost 8 years of editing. It’s obviously not going to be the best footage you’ll see but hey, that’s how we all start don’t we?

During the time I went to film school, we’ve done a lot of projects throughout the year that had gone HORRIBLY wrong, however, during my second year we applied to an apprenticeship, during that apprenticeship we made a bunch of videos that obviously weren’t the best, but they were still alright.

This is a video for Jill from Jill Moves, a dance school.


We once went to Grass Valley which is this massive filming company that produces films but also puts cameras together ( this was filmed on my Sony Xperia Z1)


This was made in my free time where I designed a template for the website Videohive


Here is another 3D composition where I made an introduction to a show I liked called ‘Death Parade’!

Our first project for the apprenticeship we got a subject which was the color ‘Red’, and we had a day to make a little movie about it.


This was a promotional video I edited for Goals Acedemy.


A concept video I made in collaboration with Marjorie from MLX Live for the company CRU.


These are just some of the things I made, but I cannot wait to start working on new projects in the future.



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