I am Freelancing!



It has been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but last year was a very hard year for me, I got to know new people, got a new job, went through very difficuilt situations and generally felt confused about what I’d do.

I decided that 2017 would be different, that I’d do things that have always been on my mind and that I had to start somewhere if I ever wanted to make it in the world of video and editing, and so I decided to become a freelancer.

I was very determined and wanted to get somewhere, and in February 2017 I started to do work by applying as a Freelance editor on the platform Upwork (formerly known as oDesk).

They provided a platform me where I can discover and be discovered, and after a couple of days of applying to various jobs and projects, I was contacted by Nicole Cook from Nicole Cook Photography!

She was asking me if I could make a 30 seconds promotional video for her by editing the footage she sent me of her model walking and posing, and once I started editing I felt inspired to keep going again, I finished that video that same day and she was very happy!

You can find my freelancing page right HERE

Here is the Fasion Reel I made for Nicole Cook.

I have also made a Introduction video for my profile!



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